Igshaan Hamza

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About Me

I’m a tattoo artist and studio owner. I started out in my younger years with drawing and can spray graffiti. From there on I used to sell my designs to a studio until I got myself into it. I did my tattoo training and from an underdog in tattooing, I’m where I am today and you can never know everything about this art and there’s always new things and styles coming out. You get all kinds of tattoo artists. Some specialise in dark art, some in cartoon, some in realistic designs, some in old school some in New school designs. I prefer to combine my designs to have a bit of every genre.


I still draw quite often. When I start drawing, it keeps the mind open and fresh and also helps with building a custom design. I always say, “You think it and dream it, I draw it and put it in art”.

What People Say About Me

I love your work and the prices are great! I like the fact that you do call-outs, because I’m one of those people who prefer to have my tattoo done in the comfort of my own home, as I almost never get the time to go to your studio. I have noticed that you keep your prices low and that’s great for affordability. Your artwork and quality is still however of the highest quality!

Charne' Andrea Adriaanse


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